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Elizabethan Costuming

Historic Reproductions... or close enough!

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Elizabethan costuming is a suprisingly wide subject, and here's a good place to talk about it- share ideas, ask questions, give suggestions and of course show off newly finished projects or just flaunt your garb closet!

The purpose of this community is Elizabethan costuming- while I've no problem with selling articles and advertising about other communities, please be sure to ask the moderator before posting such things to be sure it's appropriate. Let's not have this community be about advertising, but simply making and wearing of the garb.

This should go without saying, but play nice. Debating is fine, but no arguments or flaming is allowed. If it gets too far, I have no problem banning anyone involved.

As this community is in it's infancy we're open to any and all suggestions on improvements!

Community owner: sstormwatch